Wet weather lottery.

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The weather put a dampener on things for Marco Wittmann and his BMW Team RMG during the first part of his home event on the Nürburgring. After reaching second in qualifying, he was only able to record a ninth-place finish in difficult conditions.

However, the reigning champion still has every chance of a great result at tomorrow’s second race in the Eifel.

A rain shower hit the Eifel just before the start of the race. All 18 cars in the field started with wet-weather tyres. Wittmann fell back from second to fifth position during the initial phase. “I was going a bit better than the Mercedes in front of me but I couldn’t get past,” he said. “But when it started to dry out, I had to do something. We put on slicks during the pit-stop and our lap times got faster.” But then the rain returned. “I immediately realised that we had made the wrong decision regarding the tyre change.” Wittmann now had to concentrate on damage limitation. “In the end, I finished in ninth place and scored two points. But it could have been more.”

But there is no time for a break in the DTM. Wittmann only has to wait one day before he can go on the attack again. The second race at the Nürburgring is scheduled for tomorrow.