“Road to Norisring”: Wittmann and Spengler in exciting BMW i3 challenge on the way to the DTM in Nürnberg

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The two BMW DTM drivers Marco Wittmann and Bruno Spengler competed in a very special “pre-race race” on Thursday. The DTM champions from 2012 (Spengler), 2014 and 2016 (Wittmann) took on an efficiency challenge in two BMW i3s* as they travelled from Garching, near Munich, to the Norisring.

Both racing drivers were aiming to use as little energy as possible on the way to the fourth DTM race weekend of the season, driving the two cars.

The route first took Wittmann and Spengler along minor roads from Garching to Ingolstadt. They then continued the journey to Nürnberg on the motorway. Wittmann arrived at the Dutzendteich with a range of 133 kilometres remaining, while Spengler’s on-board computer still showed 121 kilometres. Victory in the efficiency challenge therefore went to the BMW Team RMG driver.

“Challenging Bruno with the BMW i3 was great fun,” said Wittmann, who will enjoy home advantage at the Norisring. “We stayed in the slipstream of the lorries on the motorway to save as much energy as possible. We made it easily – and now we are looking forward to racing at the weekend.”

This coming weekend, Wittmann and Spengler will leave the BMW i3 and return to the cockpits of their BMW M4 DTMs at the Norisring. The seventh and eighth DTM races of the season then will be all about pure performance.

Link to the efficiency challenge video “Road to Norisring”: https://youtu.be/SpNbFNhSZSo.