Akrapovic Unveils Wittmann as First #TrustedByChampions Icon

01. Mai 2015 Zurück zur Artikelübersicht »

Akrapovič presents its latest innovation this weekend when reigning DTM Champion and Akrapovič Brand Ambassador Marco Wittmann becomes the first #TrustedByChampions athlete as he launches the brand-new image campaign.

Wittmann will be the inaugural #TrustedByChampions athlete, and will be joined by other iconic racers from two- and four-wheel championships from around the world to promote Akrapovič’s cutting-edge, image-led campaign to endorse the benefits of the Slovenian company’s fantastic exhaust systems for racing machines—and ultimately their road-going counterparts.

Launched to coincide with the first DTM races of 2015—taking place at Hockenheim—the #TrustedByChampions tagline will be used for the first time as part of Akrapovič’s worldwide communications program, both in print and online, and in the exhaust specialists’ ever-growing social media presence. It will be a part of an intensive campaign that will also see the innovative use of photos to emphasize the benefits that Akrapovič products offer customers. These images will see #TrustedByChampions stars illustrate the advantages of Akrapovič products—including improved performance, lightweight and durable materials, advanced technology, great design, and the unmistakable Akrapovič sound—through innovative, exciting, and sometimes entertaining pictures.

Akrapovič provides world-class competitors from many motorsport disciplines in various classes with high-grade state-of-the-art exhaust systems to enable them to compete at the top of their sport. These #TrustedByChampions racers need the lightest, most advanced, best-performing systems to boost their chances of winning races and even the championships. It’s this trust that they put in Akrapovič on the track—and also just as much off track, when it comes to improving their bikes and cars—that makes Akrapovič the natural choice of champions around the globe.

Marco Wittmann is the youngest DTM Champion so far and is a great fan of Akrapovič, and he was also appointed a Brand Ambassador for the Slovenian company last year. He’s a tremendous competitor, who knows what he wants and goes for it every time he takes to the circuit, but with a likable and humble personality off track. All of this makes Wittmann a perfect match for Akrapovič and an ideal racer to be the first #TrustedByChampions star.